[Mod post] Recruiting new mods

Mod C here.

To you lovely people who have submitted asks, we apologise for not responding promptly.

My talented co-mod Levasscha, who had taken this blog under her wing and done a fabulous job of looking after it, has decided to pursue her passion for fashion elsewhere. Tvxqfashiondiary has been on a semi hiatus since.

Despite being the (mostly) silent mod (and occasionally lurking in the background), I would now like to make a call out to all you fashion savvy members of the TVXQ fandom:

TVXQFASHIONDIARY is recruiting new mods.

Click here to leave your email address and a short message (confession about being a shopaholic/unnaturally attracted to changmin’s jackets/poetry about yunho’s leather pants) ♥

And to my dear Levasscha, whenever you want to be part of the team again, know there’s always a place for you ♥

Anonymous :  i want to ask what brand or bag that changmin using during the strong heart ep 153? i'm very curious about that and where can i get it?

Its tREEGG - Wegg Dark Brown

They also have 4 colors

You can buy this bag in their official website tREEGG

another option: Japan site - ¥60,900

mnredocean :  Hello, Excuse me Do you know what shoe that Changmin wear in Italy july26th like kind of toe post sandal? thanks

We really sorry for taking too long. We actually still finding the right one but we already found the closest design. We thought that these sandals had original design but we couldn’t find it.. so we only got from a website that copied this design but we must to keep the site in secret :) (we don’t support imitating design)

as you can see, many aspects that are similar to the photo below this.

Since we don’t have many HQ photo to see more details so we are still aren’t sure.

gimipot-deactivated20141008 :  If you guys could find Yunho's bag from the December 12th airport shots I'd be very happy indeed =D Love the blog btw, keep up the good work! ❤

Hi, Thank you so much :)

Let Mocha answered this:

It’s Orobianco, it was an old collections around 2010 (based on the blog that I’ve found posted in 2010 so it’s probably before or after 2010 collections)

You can check the Korean site I’ve found in here


Credit photo: Besangyh

Where to buy?
Only available in Japan online store
Left and Right

Where to buy?

Only available in Japan online store

Left and Right

Where to buy?

Left shirt: ELotte (Korean site)

Right shirt: Only available in Official Fred Perry Japan site

Photo Credit to Story

This identifications was helped by Mocha